Radiochemistry services

Ricerca Biosciences is a leading USA-based independent contract development organization. We provide the full spectrum of services needed, including radiochemistry services, to support the commercial development and launch of innovative new pharmaceuticals. Our extensive client base ranges from the established research-based multinational drug companies to emerging biopharmaceutical companies focused on the discovery and development of small-molecule drugs. Our project approach is tailored to meet the specific technical and timing needs of our clients’ development programs. Our radio chemistry projects for our commercial, agricultural, and pharmaceutical clients have been invaluable in the basic metabolite research for our client’s compounds and chemicals.

Our specific Radiochemistry capabilities include:


  • Radiolabeled synthesis (3H, 14C, 32P, 35S)
  • Analytical reference standards

Major equipment

  • Modern, well–equipped organic chemistry laboratories
  • Analytical laboratories incorporating a broad range of qualified analytical instruments
  • Five chemical preparations laboratories
    –Reactor capacities from 40 to 3,000 liters
    –GLS & SS materials of construction
    –Standard temperature range: –55 to +165 C
    –Standard pressure range: full vacuum to 450 psig
    –Isolation/finishing rooms for drying, milling, blending and packaging operations
    –Complete support equipment
    –Operated in compliance with US FDA & ICHQ7 cGMP regulations