Our Philosophy

Olon Ricerca Bioscience has adopted the Five Strong Pillars approach of Olon CDMO Division, to ensure that the company consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

The Five Strong Pillars include:

  • Quality On Time In Full (QOTIF)
  • Supporting customers from R&D to commercial quantities
  • A strong team-based project management culture
  • Security of project information
  • Cost management>

Excellent customer service requires an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs. Across the Olon Group, flexibility is also essential because projects may be initiated at any of our sites but require support from different or multiple locations. Cooperation is therefore also fundamental to achieving QOTIF. Having the same quality system across the entire group provides assurance to our customers that their products will be produced to the same exacting standards throughout the lifetime of each project.

Olon Group, as a whole, has the ability to support customers from early-phase development to commercial production and to produce milligrams to tons of material. These capabilities are backed by the strong financial stability of the company. We are also interested in being strategic partners with our customers and are committed to forming long-term, risk-sharing, win-win relationships.

Our management approach involves the use of dedicated project teams that support each project from start to finish. This approach allows for excellent communication and the building of strong relationships between Olon scientists and our clients. We have, in fact, had many customers that bring us repeat business, where clients specifically request the same project teams.

The security of customer information is absolutely essential. At Olon, we take this issue seriously and have procedures in place to ensure that security is maintained at all times. In addition, we cooperate with our customers to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented to protect their information.

Cost management is always an issue for any business and it is of particular concern today for the pharmaceutical industry. Because Olon is involved in the generics market, where competition is largely based on pricing, we have gained experience in achieving cost-effective production methods. This experience is then applied to projects implemented by our CRO/CDMO businesses to the benefit of our customers.