Chemical Development

Olon Ricerca is a solid and experienced chemical development company. Olon Ricerca offers first-class chemical development services through our strong analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, API chemical engineering, and manufacturing services. Our highly experienced scientific team has a proven history of achievement with complex chemistry challenges for the following types of materials.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Regulatory Starting Materials
  • Specialty & Performance Chemicals
  • Advanced Intermediates
  • Reference Standards
  • Metabolites and Impurities

Analytical Chemistry Services

  • Drug substance & project
  • Method development, validation & release testing
  • Salt, polymorph & co-crystal screening
  • ICH stability testing
  • Impurity isolation and identification

Synthetic Chemistry Services

  • Route scouting, selection & definition
  • Process development & optimization
  • Critical process parameter assessment
  • Custom synthesis

Engineering & Manufacturing Services

  • Process scale-up & demonstration
  • Process justification & validation
  • cGMP production - RSMs & APIs
  • Specialty chemicals production
  • Commercial Manufacturing